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Have you ever tried a Cupping Massage?

Cupping Massage is a therapy used in traditional Chinese medicine. A treatment involves warming and placing cups on the skin. When doing this the tissue is drawn up into the cup. This will increase blood flow, loosens connective tissue and stimulates healing. Some of the benefits of cupping massage are:

-Stimulates GI

-Relieves Pain

-Supports the Immune System

-Healthy Skin

-Improves Digestion

-Mental Health

-Reduces Inflammation

-Relieves Headaches and Migraines

Cupping doesn't hurt but can leave temporary marks. If you have a lot of stagnation in the area you may see some of that reaction.

If you are interested in cupping therapy SPAtacular Escapes is a wonderful place to have your first experience.

Call to schedule your appointment.


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