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Hair & Scalp Treatments    


Oway's apothecary-style scalp treatments use pure essential oils, microionized plants and hydrolates to alleviate common scalp and hair concerns.    All treatments begin with a free in-depth analysis of your scalp and hair with our Tricho-analyzer (magnifies hair follicles 250x).  Once your scalp has been analyzed, a customized treatment mix of micronized biodynamic botanicals, pure essential oils and advanced ingredients will treat, soothe, and rebalance your scalp health.                   

Purifying Treatment - $85     (Add to Color - $45)    

Our purifying rice wax and pure biodynamic thyme will exfoliate, regenerate skin subject to scaling, eliminate oily or dry dandruff build-up, reactivate the scalp's microcirculation, relieve itching and burning typical of skin with dandruff, and promote refreshing, anti-irritant and antimicrobial action.  


Rebalancing Treatment - $85    (Add to Color - $45)

A mixture of amazonian clay and pure biodynamic sage will eliminate toxins, detoxify, exfoliate, and restore skin and hair with excess sebum.            


Soothing Treatment - $85   (Add to Color - $45)

Ultra-delicate soothing treatment for red and sensitive skin.  A mixture of zanthoxy gel, pure biodynamic helichrysum, and our exclusive soothing remedy will calm sensitive, irritated scalps, repair, heal, and reduce itching.  


Hair Loss Treatment - $55   (Add to Color - $45)


Buddleja Dividii plant stem cells reinforce and densify hair prone to falling out or thinning.  


Rebuilding Treatment - $85   (Add to Color - $50)


Customized treatment to restore and strengthen weak, damaged hair.  Repairs damage due to repeated chemical treatments, mechanical stress, environmental aggressions, and thermal applications.  Adds shine, hydration, elasticity, remineralization, body and structure to hair with an innovative blend of amino acids, phytokeratin, and plant butters.

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