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We're back & better than ever (if you can even imagine)

What an amazing feeling it is to be able to say, "We're back, and we're ready for you!" Not only are we ready for you, but we've taken this time away to rejuvenate, and we're coming back with a new energy. We simply cannot wait to help you feel like you again!

In preparation for your return, we've put together several videos to make the transition as smooth as possible. Check them out below!


New Video: What will be different? We've put together a video that can show you everything we've implemented at SpaE in order to keep you safer and healthier during all the craziness of COVID-19.


New Video: Booking Online Booking online is the way to go... in order to keep everything extra "touch-less". That's why we put together this tutorial for those of you who might need a little extra help navigating our system. We understand and are happy to help!


New Video: Booking Group Parties Booking group parties can certainly be tricky! Hopefully this helps you out. We absolutely LOVE that you come to us for your most joyous events, so bring it on!


New Video: Buying Gift Cards Buying Gift Cards online is the fastest most streamlined way, so if you're interested, we've put together this quick how-to video for you. Now that we're opening up, maybe there's a friend or family member you've been wanting to treat. This is a great way!

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