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Anti-Aging Berry Whip Facial @ SpaE

Looking for your next great facial?

The height of relaxation and pampering, the Berry Whip Facial not only leaves you with fresher, younger looking skin, but it smells and feels wonderful in the process. If you haven't had a facial yet (or even if you have!), this is absolutely one to try.

This hydrating facial is rich in anti-oxidants (berries) and healing enzymes. Your Esthetician will use three different Dr. Alkaitis' masks that are not only designed to exfoliate the skin gently and thoroughly by removing all accumulated cellular and microbial debris, but will help replenish, repair, and reduce redness.

Mu-Xing Massage

Click "Book Appointments" or call 717-791-7723 to schedule a time with Amy or one of our other Estheticians. See all of our facials here.

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