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Joni Song takes on the Barber Shop @ SpaE

Joni Song, a talented Master Barber/Stylist & Colorist, has been in the business since 2005 and with SpaE since 2017 - not long after its opening. Highly educated in her field, Joni has certifications in Curly Hair (Deva), the KMS IQ Cutting Method and Oway (Master Colorist). She also has training in Advanced Cutting & Advanced Razor Cutting (Aveda) and Advanced Color Technique (Goldwell) in addition to attending Goldwell Color Zoom Educational Week in Berlin. Even with all of this training under her belt, Joni mostly enjoys focusing on the creative aspect of hair.

After earning her Barber’s license, Joni did a 9-month long internship that helped her gain technical skills and work on her creative abilities. Joni specializes in short hair (as well as dry cutting and razor cutting) and feels that she’s able to get more inventive when working with a shorter cut. Because she has short hair - "always has, always will", she says - she understands it – the best way to cut and style it to her clients’ satisfaction.

When Joni joined SpaE, she was skeptical if organic color and products could do what the other high-end color and products she used in previous salons did, but she has been pleasantly surprised. Joni loves Oway – loves the shine, how it lasts, how it smells (fresh, light & mostly unisex) and loves that the products do what they say they are going to do.

Now that Joni will be adding Barber Shop clientele to her customer base (as well as continuing her current position in the Salon), she is looking forward to working with new people. This is a huge part of what she loves about doing what she does. A fun and cheerful spirit, Joni’s presence is always a breath of fresh air around SpaE. Whether you’re looking for a stylist or a barber, Joni is one of those talented few who falls on both sides of the coin.

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