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Lymphatic Drainage Massage & Intraoral TMJ Therapy

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This gentle, very relaxing treatment may benefit you if you're low on energy, recovering from a mild illness, injury or surgery, have sinus congestion or are retaining excess fluids.

This treatment encourages drainage of the lymphatic system, which is responsible for disposing of waste products and may be impaired due to illness or other stresses on the body. Stimulation of lymphatic flow and releasing of clogged lymph nodes enhances immune function and facilitates the body's natural healing systems.

30 min -- $45

60 min -- $75

90 min -- $95


Intraoral TMJ Therapy

This very effective and comfortable treatment is for those who are experiencing pain and/or tension in the jaw, ears, head, neck, shoulders, have headaches, or clench or grind their teeth. This technique focuses on the chewing muscles, and pain referral areas around the jaw, neck, head and face. This treatment includes intraoral massage to all areas directly surrounding the temporomandibular joints.

60 min -- $80

Add on -- $15

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