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Bio-Contouring Slimming Cellulite Gel

Bio-Contouring Slimming Cellulite Gel


SAIAN Bio-Contour Slimming Cellulite Gel lessens the appearance of cellulite areas by reducing the volume of fat cells and moisturizing the skin. It is absolutely natural, easy to use, and safe. The main ingredients used in this product are Adiposlim™ and Adipoless™.


Adiposlim™ is a main component of dermal structure proteins and lauric acid. It targets the adipocytes, amongst the biggest cells in the body used to store fat. Adiposlim™ releases fatty acids into the blood stream, preventing them from clumping together, and forming bumpy cellulite. 


Women have a 10:1 ratio of alpha receptors to beta receptors, and since alpha receptors trigger fat storage, a higher ratio of these receptors can lead to more body fat and cellulite. Adiposlim can help to reduce the effects of these alpha receptors by blocking them, and activating beta receptors to burn fat. A clinical trial using Adiposlim™ on the thigh area showed a visual improvement in the appearance of cellulite in 71% of treated subjects.


Adipoless™ is quinoa extract – the role of quinoa is to stop cell maturation and force the adipocytes to become dormant. Adipoless™ is primarily used as a preventative. It stops the body from forming the blood vessels that make fat. Like Adiposlim™, Adipoless™ stops fat cells from being able to form, and can halt the formation of new cellulite.

SAIAN Bio-Contour Slimming Cellulite Gel is water-based and fragrance-free, and is perfect to use with radio frequency equipment, cavitation machine, microcurrent, galvanic, and ultrasonic. It is also ideal for body wraps, thigh and abdomen wraps, and arm wraps. This gel’s revitalizing properties make it an obvious choice when it comes to natural slimming therapy.


  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite dimples
  • Tones and firms for a smooth and toned look
  • Moisturizes and hydrates the skin


Product may be returned within 7 days for a refund.  Refund percentage will be determined by product usage and/or tampering.

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