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Saian Active Stem Cell Eye Pads

Saian Active Stem Cell Eye Pads


Pack of 10

SAIAN ActiveCell™ Instantly Activated Collagen + Stem Cell Eye Pads are made from the highest quality medical-grade freeze-dried insoluble collagen fibers and cut perfectly to fit under the eyes. We use collagen peptides identical to the skin, that penetrate deeply, and support tissue renewal. Swiss Apple Stem Cells extend the lifetime of the skin’s stem cells, and work to actively slow down the signs of chronological aging. Resveratrol, obtained from red grapes is highly anti-oxidant, it neutralizes free radicals and extends the cells’ ability to function. It also minimizes the effects of environmental stress. Skull-cap protects telomeres and extends the cell division stage.


Each Insta-Pack™ contains 2 dry eye pads, and a capsule filled with hyaluronic acid activator serum.

SpaE does not have shipping/distribution capabilities at this time.  All products may be preordered and picked up at our location: 


SPAtacular Escapes

200 Technology Drive

Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

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