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Why the Products work so well


Dr. Alkaitis only formulates with organic, biodynamic or wild crafted herbs, plants, seeds sea vegetables and oils. These ingredients are from an excellent quality and sourced from the worlds most pristine places. He makes his own extracts, using sophisticated techniques that allow him to work with the whole, high quality plants; root, stem and leaf. It is important to know that the therapeutic value of a plant is found in the plant as a whole, not just in a specific part.


Carefully Chosen Combinations


Dr. Alkaitis comprehensively studied the skin’s tasks, its interaction with and reactions to various influences. He formulates his products with exactly the nutrients your skin needs to perform those tasks. He then meticulously combines carefully chosen ingredients to increase their potential. The specific therapeutic value of his ingredients is within these combinations!


Supporting Your Skin's Natural Tasks


This unique intermingling of ingredients makes Dr. Alkaitis’ products adaptogenic. These adaptogenic products drastically increase your skin’s ability to adapt to various damaging influences. They help your skin to reach and maintain homeostasis; that balanced state where it is glowing with health.


In other words; the sophisticated techniques Dr. Alkaitis uses to make his extracts from exquisite quality plants, as well as the unique intermingling of his ingredients, invigorate your skin by thoroughly supporting the tasks it is programmed to fulfill.


This is why Dr. Alkaitis does not classify by fixed skin types. Instead he offers you a regimen to balance and strengthen your skin. That is why our products work so well!


High Quality Skin Food


When you ‘feed’ your skin these high quality nutrients, your skin will be able to perform its tasks in the best way possible. Properly nourished, your skin will sigh with relief and reward you by radiating a healthy glow.

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