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What should I wear:
Comfortable clothing unless specified differently in the class description.
What do I need to bring?
- Tables and linens are provided by SpaE.
- Instructors will bring any purchased instruction manuals or equipment to the class.
- It is always recommended to bring a pen and notepad in order to take notes if so desired.  
How do I sign up and pay?
Click on the desired class and sign up online through our website.  Once you have signed up, you can conveniently pay with a credit card or via your Paypal account.
What if a class is cancelled or if I am unable to come to the class?
If Instructor cancels the class:  The Instructor will contact you and explain the reason for the cancellation (low enrollment, inclement weather, illness, etc.). You will then be refunded 100% within 1 day of the notification.
If you voluntarily withdrawal from the class and notify us (  
- 30 days+ prior to class date (100% refund)
- 15 - 29 days prior to class (50% refund)
- 14 days or less prior to class date (no refund)
* Special exceptions may apply
What if I have to cancel because of inclement weather?
If you feel you cannot travel to the class safely, a full refund will be given.  You will still have to notify the instructor and/or SpaE of the situation/cancellation.

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