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Skin Food



“If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin”™ All of the products are edible; he does not use any harsh chemicals or synthetic materials in the products. The ingredients are certified organic, ethically wild crafted and/or biodynamic. The products are never tested on animals!


All products are hand-manufactured in small batches in a manufacturing laboratory in California. This is  part of their commitment to quality.  They make  their own extracts, using techniques developed by Dr. Alkaitis to preserve the individual personalities of each plant.


"We produce a line, that is aligned with nature and that supports your body’s natural processes."


The products adapt to your skin through their own specific targeted delivery system. Dr. Alkaitis' formulations are guided by the perspective that each individual's skin is a complete living organ. The products help to:


  • Bring your skin into a healthy balance that is unique to your body

  • Maintain that healthy balance

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