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Who's Who: The Café Crew

As you probably know, the Café at SpaE has undergone some major changes over the past couple of months, and we're so excited about everything that's been going on.

Not only are our menu items delicious and nutritious, but our team is talented and passionate about what they do.

Speaking of the team, we wanted to take a minute to introduce you to David & Shelby, our dynamic duo that will be creating your made-to-order masterpieces! Both team members have been with SpaE for the long-haul and are committed to making every aspect of your visit "SPAtacular"!


Past food experience?

David: I have 25 years of experience in the restaurant business, have worked in seven different restaurants, including four that I helped to open. I went to medical and culinary school and am very interested in nutrition.

Shelby: Started at Kristy's Whistle Stop and worked there for five years, loved it! From there, I went on to serve at Isaac's, was a server/bartender at Texas Roadhouse and tended bar at Al's of Hampden.

Favorite part about working at the Café/SpaE?

D: I love helping the customers decide what they will like to eat according to how they feel.

S: Every meal is made to order, so every day is different!

What do YOU specifically bring to the Café? What makes you unique?

D: Friendliness and a smile. My years of experience and knowledge of food are a unique combination.

S: A smile... and an understanding of odd requests! I'm a picky eater, so I completely understand if you are, too!

Favorite thing the Café serves/what do you recommend?

D: Smoothies

S: Croissants. I like putting chicken, Jack cheese and sriracha in a croissant.

Favorite thing to make?

D: Smoothies

S: Smoothies -- I never know what color they will turn!

Anything else you want to share?

D: Did I mention the smoothies? :)

S: Check out the online ordering! Pre-ordering is available!

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