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Thai Yoga Massage @ SpaE

Interested in Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai Yoga Massage combines acupressure, yoga and massage to create a truly holistic massage experience. The goal is to balance the flow of energy in the body because when energy flows freely; health, healing, and a peaceful mind can occur. This energy flows through a vast network of invisible lines or channels in the body that have many energy centers or points on each line.

Thai massage uses the sen line system, or the sen sip, ten energy lines that each originate from the naval and all have different exit points. Each sen line is associated with different parts of the body, organ systems, and disease, pain or dysfunction. Because of its holistic approach, Thai Yoga Massage treats more than just muscle pain and inflexibility, but also induces relaxation on a deeper level. This deeper level of relaxation improves the individuals' personal outlook and their emotional status as well as promoting deeper sleep, allowing the body to heal itself physically.

Thai Yoga Massage

Click "Book Appointments" or call 717-791-7723 to schedule a time with Jerome, Carla or one of our other massage therapists.

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