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Fountain of Youth Rewind Serum

Fountain of Youth Rewind Serum


100% Vegan ♥ 

Organically farmed ♥

This product is manufactured in the USA ♥


Skin Types

All Skin Types. Treats pigmentation, scarring and redness. Aids in fine line reduction. 



Rewind serum truly works wonders and is amazing for pigmentation, scarring, and wrinkle reduction.  Hyaluronic Acid keeps the skin feeling soft and moisturized for up to 8 hours. Salicylic Acid, Kojic Acid, and Glycolic Acid offer deep exfoliation and help the skin to produce collagen and elastin, thus firming the skin. This product is also a must have for pigmentation and redness! 


I Smell Like

I don’t have much of a fragrance!


I Feel Like

After treatment your skin will feel smooth, soft & plump.


Key Ingredients

Aloe vera, witch hazel, hyalouronic acid, kojic acid, salicylic acid, licorice, lemon balm, fennel, chinese ginsend, vitamin E & jojoba oil.

Product may be returned within 7 days for a refund.  Refund percentage will be determined by product usage and/or tampering.

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