Jerome’s passion for massage began in May 2013 when he was studying at Baltimore School for Massage in York, PA. With classes in Anatomy, Shiatsu/Swedish/Sports/Deep Tissue Massage and Reflexology (among others), Jerome was able to hone his skills and graduate with an even deeper love for the techniques he learned.

Although Jerome believes each modality has its time and place, the ones he enjoys focusing on most are:

Swedish / Relaxation

Sports Massage

Table Thai Massage

Therapeutic Tissue



Since he joined the massage industry in December of 2013, Jerome has appreciated the impact he is able to have on his clients’ lives. One of his most humbling experiences happened in 2016.


“A client of mine presented with unbearable pain to the point of her having to take several medications just to sleep at night. After receiving a massage once a month for about four months, she was able to not only sleep better, but also discontinue most of her medication. This is one of the many reasons why massage is and will forever be in my heart.”

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