Jenn Taylor is a PA Licensed Massage Therapist and NCBTMB Approved Instructor for Continuing Education. Jenn is also a Postpartum Doula, Reiki Master, Meditation Coach, Relationship/Life Coach and specializes in educating women about the importance of   self -care, stress reduction and realizing their full potential.

Jenn began her Massage Therapy career in 2006 at the Baltimore School of Massage-York Campus. She provides therapeutic massage for women and children and has been focusing on prenatal and postpartum clients for many years. Additionally, Jenn teaches many classes to the public including: Infant Massage, Couples Massage Workshops and Prenatal Partner Massage Workshops.

Jenn became a Continuing Education Instructor in 2014 and she always enjoyed teaching. She has a desire to share current information with fellow therapists so they can improve their techniques and add to their toolboxes. Jenn offers courses that are very detailed, fun and informative. She uses a variety of teaching styles to reach all learners by implementing auditory, visual and kinesthetic approaches. Each class will be accompanied by a packet of information for each student and typically includes handouts and a copy of the PowerPoint for the class.