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The Man Behind the Brand


Dr. Saulius Anthony Alkaitis is a highly regarded research scientist with a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from the University of New Mexico. In addition to being a chemist, he is also:


  • A Molecular Biologist

  • An Ethno-Pharmacologist (trained in traditional plant-based healing)

  • A Pharmacognosist (experienced in the medicinal properties of plants)   

With his scientific knowledge and expertise in plant life, he fuses both disciplines into a holistic approach creating one of the most dynamic ‘living’ personal-care lines available on the market today. Dr. Alkaitis’ lecture series entitled “The Essential Foundation of Beauty is Health” are well known and reputed as informative and progressive. 

Dr. Alkaitis comments, "Creating and refining our products is both an art and science. It begins with combining ‘living’ edible ingredients. This is a sound methodology for addressing the largest ‘living’ organ in the body, one’s own skin. Only a skin product made with living ingredients can interact with each individual's skin in a unique manner that assists one’s skin in reaching and maintaining its ideal homeostasis.


My 'art' comes in the creation of living ingredients and living combinations - perfect for a living organ, your skin. A living product will interact with each individual's skin uniquely; it will adapt to each individual skin's unique requirements to help it reach and maintain homeostasis, the balance and combination of all cellular and biological functions that is ideal for that individual's health." 

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