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Champagne Mimosa Cranberry Escape


Champagne Mimosa Sugar Scrub:  

Begin by rejuvenating your dull, devitalized skin with Champagne Mimosa.  Organic evaporated cane juice crystals, Moroccan orange peel and orange, grape seed and green tea extract, exfoliate and renew parched, rough skin.  Grape seed extract, along with green tea extract, contain polyphenols and antioxidants which combat the negative effects of the environment.  Orange essential oil calms, decreases inflammation, detoxifies, supports collagen formation and increases circulation while organic sugar cane, which contains glycolic acid, one of nature’s alpha hydroxy acids, exfoliates and smoothes the skin.  Rejuvenate, soften and restore the natural glow of youthful skin with the Champagne Mimosa Sugar Scrub.


Cranberry Hydrating Gel Body Wrap:  


Drink in the fragrance of cranberries as our Cranberry Hydrating Gel Body Wrap nurtures your winter-dried skin. Aloe Vera, the wrap base, is naturally anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, healing and hydrating to damaged skin. Aloe Vera also contains a rich source of amino acids, vitamins A, C, F, B, niacin and traces of vitamin B12, all of which nourish, environmentally stressed skin. Anti-aging ingredients, such as vitamin A, exfoliate and reduce fine lines while vitamin C restores collagen production and delays cellular damage. Cranberry seeds contain the highest levels of antioxidants and polyphenols of all other berries and seeds. Mulberries regulate melanin synthesis, thus reducing dark spots and brightening the skin. Reverse the damage time has imprinted on your skin with our Cranberry Hydrating Gel Body Wrap. 

Cranberry Body Butter:  


Tart cranberries and zesty orange blend together for a mouth-watering splash of tangy sweetness in our Cranberry Spice Body Butter. This rich body butter is made with organic sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, and cocoa butter, combined together for form an intensive, nourishing body moisturizer. 

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